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Please have a look at a list of some of our project related clients:

Macsteel / Redefine National Compliance Project


31 sites were audited and brought to compliance (Electrical, Wet Services, Fire, Structural) over a period of 3 years with project being staffed by CKR engineering personnel, HBS providing the structural and LYT the architectural expertise.

Empty Factory
Tsogo Sun Standby Generation Projects


A National project involving all group hotels and casinos (prior to 2010 World Cup).  The project was handled on a turnkey basis with engineering personnel provided by CKR Consulting Engineers' offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.


All costs and deliverables were handled by the Johannesburg offices to bring the project to a successful completion within a stringent timeline. More than 20 projects were coordinated to achieve cost and delivery compliance.

Liquid Telecommunications SA


Johannesburg and Cape Town Data Centre Redevelopment for a major IT Solutions Tenant.

The project was handled on a Principal Agency basis with CKR providing all engineering solutions, structural and architectural solutions.

All project related legal documentation and contractual agreement were handled on a turnkey basis. 

Technicians at Work
Group Five New Head Office, Waterfall City


A project was undertaken to provide a 5-Star Green Building Rating for Atterbury.  All engineering services (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, IT and Wet) were undertaken by CKR.  Full green components coordination was required and the project indeed achieved its 5-Star Rating.

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