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Please have a look at the spectrum of the projects we can assist you with:

Compliance Projects

The recent market trends have shown that most of the major property developers are shifting their focus from Retail and Office projects by investing in industrial estates in South Africa and UK to provide operational facilities to manufacturing tenants.

The return on investment is very appealing to the property listed companies and of course such investment brings the reward of creating industrial spaces and generating much needed employment.

In most cases, such facilities (when acquired) would require full compliance of all related spaces from Electrical, Fire, etc. perspectives.

Ezimele can provide engineering and architectural team, to complete all compliance investigations, provide costing of remedial works, supervise all works and achieve occupational certification.

Turnkey Solutions (Principal Agent Consultancy)
Standby Generation / Energy Projects

We can provide cost efficient national energy projects for major corporates, such as hotel groups.  Investigations would be undertaken into existing power requirements and improvements would be made to replace equipment (standby generators, transformers, HVAC and lighting systems) to achieve customised solutions and energy saving.assist you with cost efficient national energy projects​

Business Development

Ezimele can provide you with a business review and its operational tools and report on inefficiencies and areas requiring attention and restructuring.

We will come up with the best possible solution for growing your business taking into consideration the environmental, political and economic factors.

We will assist you to improve your company image by introducing innovative marketing and advertising tools.

We can manage new projects on a turnkey basis by providing one point of contact for the client on complex and innovative developments.  We can assemble and manage a full professional team, including key contractors to help you achieve your project goals.

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